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The Fear of Fire: Book Two in The Fear Of Series – Coming Soon!

The Fear of Fire - An Immersive Kidnapping Crime Thriller

Book Two, The Fear of Fire Coming in Spring of 2024!

As a teenager, Hannah Jacobs planned a sleepover with her sister Casey, but a blizzard altered the plans. Sometime that night, an unknown killer broke into Casey’s apartment and brutally stabbed her multiple times, leaving her for dead.

Ten years later, Hannah is still haunted by the murder of her sister that fateful night, and with no viable suspects or evidence, the case has long turned cold, nearly forgotten about by everyone except her. Determined to uncover the truth, Hannah shutters her Private Investigation firm and travels to Laramie, Wyoming. With the help of a local amateur sleuth, Hannah discovers a series of murders linked to her sister, and a possible serial killer targeting young woman throughout the region.

As she delves deeper into the unsolved murders, Hannah’s life is thrust into jeopardy, and she is in a race to find the killer before she becomes his next victim.