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The Fear of Winter

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Book One in The Fear Of SERIES

In this immersive thriller a father resumes the search for his missing daughter after the case of her disappearance goes cold. Great for fans of Gillian Flynn, Stieg Larsson, Tara French and Jess Lourey.

On a frigid December night, Megan Floyd vanishes from the mountain town of Fraser, Colorado. The extensive search provides no answers and as attention of her disappearance fades, the case goes cold. Her father, Tom Floyd, is forced to confront his worst fear that his daughter will never be found, and soon his life and marriage begin to disintegrate around him.

A year after the disappearance and with no new leads, Tom hires private investigator Marshall York, a former detective, and his assistant Hannah Jacobs. They soon start to uncover the secrets of Megan’s dangerous second life, all while fighting their own demons. Tom is guilt-ridden over a missing child case from his past, and Hannah is haunted by the unsolved murder of her older sister.

The case begins to consume all three of their lives, and as they dig deeper, they start to unravel the dark truth of what happened to Megan.

The Fear of Winter Reviews

Kirkus Reviews: “An exciting and surprising thriller with a great mystery!”
“The mystery itself is unpredictable while also believable, with many unexpected and harrowing twists and turns. The content of the story is heavy and dark, but Sterling handles the material and the characters with care and sensitivity. Fans of Stieg Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2005) will find much here to love and will look forward to further stories in the series.”
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Blue Ink Reviews: “Must Read!”
“In S.C. Sterling’s immersive thriller, The Fear of Winter, a father resumes the search for his missing daughter after the case of her disappearance goes cold… Readers searching for a page-turner are bound to enjoy Sterling’s thriller.”
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“The Fear of Winter is an emotionally resonant, atmospheric thriller that simmers with a highly memorable investigation en route to an unforgettable crescendo… Throughout, Sterling’s hard-hitting prose is something to be savored, and those who come along for the ride will be rewarded with an ending that feels like a fever breaking.”
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